Coming Up With Ideas?

General / 03 September 2018

Any of you great artist out there ever get stumped on what to create. Motivating oneself to create something is sometimes more difficult than creating it for someone else. For myself I need a little direction or I focus on all the things I want to do if it is work for myself.

Does anyone have an answer for the following...

  1. How do you step over your creative block?
  2. How do you come up with a new character design with your own ideas?
  3. Where do you look to for some motivation?
  4. Any beginners out there have some questions we can add to the list?

My goal with this post is to try and get some comments going so we can help everyone out there who needs a little push.

I know myself, I reached out and asked some great artist for some advice and to my surprise they were more than helpful. So, if you are just starting out and if you have a question, ask someone. You may just be surprised at the answer. But please, the people offering you some advice does not owe you anything so it would be nice to show gratitude.

Signing out,

Richard Huard